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New York State Inspections

We offer New York State inspections on all vehicles and trailers up to 18,000 lbs. We would like to take a moment to clear up a few questions on the Readiness monitors or inspections monitors people get concerned about. It is true that after a repair on a pollution or computer system that requires the clearing of a check engine light, drive time is necessary before it can be hooked up to inspection equipment. We have a lot of questions on how far do I have to drive before ill be ready. The answer is different for everybody. The truth is every vehicle manufacturer has their own Drive cycle procedure for each pollution system. A Drive cycle is a very specific procedure(a way of driving) which forces the vehicles computer to run that specific test. The test result is what the inspection equipment is looking for. Here is an example. Toyotas' EGR Drive cycle for a 2000 Camry is; from a stop, accelerate to 45-55mph, maintain that speed for 3.5 minutes, stop and idle in drive for 3 minutes, then accelerate to 45-55 mph again for a few minutes. This specific pattern forces the computer to run the EGR tests. If they run and pass, the readiness monitor for the EGR system will be ready. That system is now ready for inspection. Most cars have usually six or seven systems. Each with their own specific drive cycle procedure. Thorough technicians use these test results as a confirmation that a repair was successful. We provide drive cycle services for a fee, but also as a convenience so you don't have to leave and come back for an inspection after a repair was completed.


Oil and Filter Changes

Oil change services are common place for almost everyone, and it has been that way for quite some time. However, there have been numerous changes to those service requirements. The range of oil viscosity and oil types has grown considerably. Therefore, we have changed our billing structure so that it is fair for everyone. We now bill our services on a per car basis( You pay for the oil type, amount, and filter that your vehicle requires). The range of oil and filter costs very so much from car to car that we can no longer average it and just offer one price. Since we don't use gimmicky cheap oil change prices as a lead in to giving you a $1000.00 estimate, we must charge what this service actually costs. We make very little profit on oil changes, but it is a service we must provide. We often have questions on the frequency of oil change intervals. 3000, 5000, 7500, or 10,000 mile intervals? Our answer is 3000 miles for a safety zone(unless you check your oil, then use you cars maintenance schedule). The truth is most people today check their oil ZERO times during an oil change interval. Years ago it was common practice to check your oil at every fill up of fuel. All internal combustion engines use oil(burn it). It is considered normal wear. If your engine uses oil, it is possible that by the 5000 interval, or  higher, there will be no oil left to burn. We pull engine oil sticks on every vehicle we service. Very few of them are at 100% capacity, and many don't even register on the stick. Oil change costs are relatively inexpensive compared to engine repair, so think of it as a cheap insurance policy. 

We offer synthetic blended 5w30 as our base oil, but always keep on hand full synthetic 0w20, 5w20, 5w30 all compliant with the dexos standard. WE DO NOT USE RECYCLED OIL!