B&D Auto Sales and Service, Inc.

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• We service all makes and models.  We also install performance add ons. To see a complete list of what we offer click our services tab!




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Wheel Alignment Services

We perform 2 and 4 wheel alignments on almost all cars, trucks, and SUV's.  We also do vintage and custom vehicle alignments. Also, we provide specialty services like vehicle lowering(spring modifications) which require alignments when finished. Almost every suspension repair requires a wheel alignment when finished. Some shops just omit this crucial step because they don't have the equipment, or don't think it is important. Suspension angles on cars today are in the tenths of a degree and millimeters. These units of measure are too small to eyeball, guess, or assume. We have the equipment and know how to save your tires from destruction!



Speaking of tires, we sell them a little different from the way most shops or tire centers do. They work from a tire manufacturers suggested list price(MSRP) and discount from that number. We work from tire wholesale prices and mark a tire up a percentage from that number. They can discount a tire by 20% or more, but it is still more then we sell ours for every day. In the end it is almost always less expensive for our customers to purchase tires from us. Online tire retailers sell tires cheaper by using their buying power. But the savings is often offset by shipping costs to your door. Box store tires my be name brand tires but are not exactly the same as tires sold online or in retail centers. Beware, an apples to apples comparison of box store tires is difficult. Give us a call for any questions or a quote, its that simple!



We offer all suspension services. Ball Joints, control arms, all ride control(Struts/Springs) We always use the highest quality parts. Frequently, a few dollars more can buy you a product that is second to none. It could mean the difference between lasting 6 months or 6 years! We don't SELL or PUSH products that are sold by fly by night companies to make more money. We stick with products that we KNOW work. This is absolutely critical in suspension systems. We seek 100% repair rates, with no come backs due to premature product failure!