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• We service all makes and models.  We also install performance add ons. To see a complete list of what we offer click our services tab!




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Engine Repair

Today's car and truck engines are as complex as ever. We perform all major and minor engine repairs. Don't settle for a half wit diagnosis which steers you toward a used engine replacement. A lot of problems falsely condemn a otherwise usable engine. At times however, engine replacement is necessary. We give people options to rebuild, or, replace with used or remanufactured. Of course with full warranties at no extra charge. When ever we do any engine work, we almost always use factory parts. We believe any job worth doing is worth doing right. Seldom factory OEM parts quality is surpassed by the after market. Also, some people think that if they have an engine failure, its not worth fixing because their vehicle will never be right again. If you can tell by looking, or by how it runs that an engine was replaced in your car, then it was not done correctly. We have seen many, many botched engine jobs over the years. Cutting corners is simply not an option. We have done hundreds of engine replacements and countless major engine repairs. We know all the proper procedures and steps necessary to make certain the job is correct. Call us for questions and available options. We also purchase late model cars and trucks with major engine problems that people choose not to fix, Call us for a Quote!


Transmission / Clutch Repair

B&D services all types of transmissions. For automatics we do fluid changes and electrical diagnosis and repair. All other automatic transmission repair(above the valve body) services we farm out. We always lead customers to reputable transmission shops with proven success. Its not always less expensive to replace with used. Remember, there is always one advantage to repairing the one you already have. That is, you know what you have. Automatic transmissions are so complex today, all things have to come together for them to work properly.(Mechanical,electrical, and software) If a replacement is necessary, we have you covered. Used part interchanges as of the late are as narrow as ever.(Some transmissions interchanges are good for one model year only, instead of 3 or 4 years previously) We make sure we have the correct unit for your vehicle and Guarantee it!


Clutch replacement

We perform clutch replacements on almost any vehicle. Also, it is important to note that a correct diagnosis is critical in the success of the repair. Not skipping any steps in vital to longevity. Replacing a clutch on a vehicle without cutting a flywheel is laughable. It is an incomplete job, and a disservice to the customer. We have all of our flywheels cut on a flywheel cutting machine instead of a lathe. It ensures a flat flywheel and no hot spot protrusions. Clutches are one item the after market has an edge on factory parts. Especially in performance applications. So, there are many options. If you have any questions or want our opinion on quality products give us a call. We also complete our clutch jobs with an alignment where applicable.