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This area of repair is concentrated by many. Tons of brake and muffler shops exist and there is a reason for that. There is money in brake repair. And with some estimates we've seen, a lot of money! We think we do brake repairs differently then other people. First of all we do them correctly, with high quality parts. All brake parts are not created equal. Don't be fooled by words like premium, or gold. There is no such thing as premium brake pads for $11.00. With brake parts, it is certain you get what you pay for. We don't shop for price, and we don't compromise quality. We buy our parts from the same vendor all of the time.We do this because we KNOW what products work. We don't experiment with new products on your car or truck. When we write estimates we often give quotes on using only factory OEM parts. We try and tailor the job on a per customer, per car basis. Some customers expect 75k mikes on a set of brakes. If we know this is you, we would not give you an estimate for after market parts. They just would not meet those expectations. Also, after market brake rotors are never as good as OEM factory replacements. We some times get those who think they can get performance oriented premium brake rotor online for $25.00 each. What you really get is a marketed name, at a low price point, slab of Chinese steel. There is a fine line on getting a job done correctly. Hardware, mechanics of the system, quality parts, and procedure all need to come together to ensure durability, and longevity. Bring us an estimate, then we will give you ours. We will break it down and explain it. Remember, we don't have wall street to impress. Our estimates are always in line with those who do the job correctly. Estimates that are in your best interest!



Most factory exhaust systems on vehicles people drive are good for about a decade from new. Auto manufacturers use pretty good steel in there exhaust systems(Stainless). Unfortunately for the consumer, readily available replacements are in every way inferior. The quality(fit and material) is usually fair at best. Life expectancy in the salt belt is about 3-4 years and costs are moderate. There are a few products out there that are better for a little more money. When the application allows, we try and use these products. If your vehicle is performance oriented, there are a lot of quality options in anodized or a whole line of high quality stainless products. Also, we would like to comment on catalytic converters. The quality of a catalytic converter is directly related to its cost, always! Think of the material that makes up a catalyst as a diamond. It is graded on quality. You cannot purchase a perfectly clear near perfect diamond for the price of a yellowish flawed diamond. The same is true for catalysts. OEM converters are often more expensive by 3 times or more then after market converters. This is because there quality is much much better. We try to sell our customers middle of the road products. It usually meets an acceptable price per quality. Remember, on 1996 and newer cars and trucks, catalytic converters are monitored and are required to be in an acceptable range for the New York state inspection program. Low grade catalytic converters seldom perform long in that range and often are causes or the dreaded P0420 code(catalyst efficiency low).