B&D Auto Sales and Service, Inc.

5300 West Ridge Rd. 
Spencerport, NY 14559


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• We service all makes and models.  We also install performance add ons. To see a complete list of what we offer click our services tab!




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  • Do you give free estimates?    Yes we Do!
  • Do you diagnose problems for free?  Simply, yes and no. There are plenty of scenarios we can give quick diagnoses and therefore don't charge for that. However, difficult drive ability and electrical problems sometimes require considerable time to troubleshoot. So for those situations we have a diagnostic fee.
  • Do you work on other vehicles besides Toyota?   We repair all Asian imports as well as all domestics. Including Honda, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Lexus, Acura, Mitsubishi, Nissan, GM, Ford, and Chrysler
  • Will you install parts I bought?  We do, but suggest you let us do our job. Most times success depends on knowing what brands of parts you can and cant use. Not all auto parts are the same!(Shopping for the cheapest part may not yeild a favorable result) Often, our part prices are less expensive and carry a warranty by the manufacturer and us!
  • What types of repair do you do?  Any type of repair. No matter how big or small. Anything from major engine repair, hybrid repair, to a radio knob replacement and any thing in between.
  • Do you accept competetors coupons? No, we turly don't believe in gimicks and marketing to get people in the door and then try and sell them the moon. Most of the time we can preform the same service for less money with no coupon. We dont have unreasonable sales goals to meet or investors to impress. We have less overhead and pass the savings to our customers!
  • I have a code retreived from a parts store. Does this tell me what is wrong? No, codes stored in a vehicles computer tell a technition what faults the computer sees in the system. For instance, a code for a O2 sensor malfunction can be caused by many things other then having a defective O2 sensor(Fuel trims, vacuum leaks, wiring, computer, exhaust leaks). Parts stores use there scan tools to sell parts, automotive technitions use there scan tools to diagnose and repair vehicles. In almost all situations it is impossible to condem parts with just a scan tool alone!
  • I took my car to a brake shop, and they said I need everything. Is this possible? Your not alone! Most estimates customers receive from brake shops say they need everything. Sometimes this is true, but most of the time the estimates are overinflated by large amounts.
  • Do you work with aftermarket warranties? Yes we do.
  • What form of payment do you accept? We accept cash, mastercard, visa, and discover.
  • Are you less expensive then muffler/tire/brake chain stores? Our labor rate is far less then the national stores. Call them first and ask what their hourly rate is. Then give us a call!
  • Are you open on the weekend? Saturdays are an overflow day for us. Occasionally we are open by appointment only.Please call.