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Spencerport, NY 14559


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• We service all makes and models.  We also install performance add ons. To see a complete list of what we offer click our services tab!




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We diagnose any and all areas of an automobile for both old and new vehicles. A correct diagnosis for a problem on your car is the most important part of a repair. If the diagnosis is wrong, the repair can be useless and costly. Almost anyone can change parts on a car. The single most important thing is to know what part or parts to change, the first time! Some vehicle parts today can cost a consumer thousands of dollars to purchase. Don't let an inexperienced mechanic or a half-hearted diagnosis cost you a lot of money you may not have needed to spend. Remember, it is almost impossible for a parts store to give you a diagnosis by just holding a scan tool. It is a TOOL, not a genie, it cannot tell us what is wrong with a vehicle. It only registers what fault there is in a given system. Scan tools do not fix vehicles! They are just tools to aid a technician in diagnosing, repairing, and confirming a repair! Beware of a free diagnosis. It could be costly getting a free guess, or a "we have seen that before on another car, so that must be what is wrong with yours" quote!

We do not repair vehicles based on another shops' diagnosis. We have seen countless miss diagnosed issues from other repair shops and, yes, even from dealers. Our standards are simply too high to let vehicles leave our doors not fixed. When WE correctly diagnose and repair a vehicle, our customer's entire experience is in our hands, therefore, we are accountable for the outcome.

Don't ever think that diagnostic fees are wasted money. It is not free money for a shop. We just ask to be paid a fair price for the time it takes to accurately determine what is wrong with your vehicle. Remember, it is the first step in a successful repair!