B&D Auto Sales and Service, Inc.

5300 West Ridge Rd. 
Spencerport, NY 14559


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• We service all makes and models.  We also install performance add ons. To see a complete list of what we offer click our services tab!




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We are absolutely sure we can earn your business!

The automotive industry has gone through many changes over the years. One of the most significant changes is the increasing complexity of the vehicles we drive. Simple mechanical systems have been pushed aside for more highly technical electronic substitutes. But as the industry has changed, so has our business. We consistently seek out new technology while upgrading equipment and our knowledge base. We are 100% confident in our abilities and we strive to repair your vehicle right the first time, on time, every time!

Many people are skeptical about repair facilities, mostly because of bad experiences. We set out to find what exactly causes or contributes to bad experiences. As we see it, the top reason is very simple. Your vehicle was NOT fixed correctly, or at all. This of course, means bringing it back to the very place that could not repair it correctly the first time. Or worse, going elsewhere and paying again. The second factor is people are tired of the sales pitch and estimates that include every possible cause. Some people just don't realize that whenever you walk into a dealer, big box tire, muffler store, or auto parts store, you are greeted by a SALESMAN. Service writers are commissioned salesmen. Parts counter guys are salesmen and nothing more! They are expertly trained in selling their products or services, whether you need them or not.

We know we break the mold when it comes to these problems, as we are auto technitions first. We have the ability to answer a technical question by expirence and not solely by a scripted response. We can offer our expertise on all aspects of a vehicle, not just one or two areas. Fundamentally B&D is certainly "old school", with attributes simmilar to the almost extinct corner garage. A place where you could actually talk to your mechanic. A place where a handshake took the place of signing your name 3 times. Lastly, a place where there was trust, because, beyond business it was also personal.