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For those of you that don't know, HVAC deals with all of the climate control components of you vehicle, including Air conditioning, heat, ventilation, as well as the operating controls. We retain complete knowledge of this entire system on all vehicles from the 1950's till now. Though most of the systems today operate on the same fundamentals of the classics, the way the entire system is controlled has changed greatly!



Correct diagnosis on any air conditioning system is critical. Overall reliability and longevity depend on it! It is often thought that every few years an air conditioner should be serviced. But the truth is, it really needs as much servicing as your home refrigerator. Zero, none, unless there is a problem with its performance. Refrigerant does not evaporate. It does not get used up. It is, in a perfect world, a sealed system. We all notice an A/C problem when the temperature of the air is not cold anymore. 95% of the time it is because refrigerant has leaked from the system, thus making it inefficient. Advertisements pop up in the late spring for A/C recharges. This usually is a bad idea. Their adding refrigerant to a system that has a hole just ensures the refrigerant added will certainly leak out too. The size of the hole dictates how long your air will blow cold. There are ways to find out where it is leaking. Sealing a leaking system will give longevity to the historically most expensive areas to repair on cars and trucks.


Heat and Heater Cores

Almost all cars and trucks use a flow of coolant through a heat exchanger(Heater Core). Heat output is effected by coolant temperature, flow of coolant, and the efficiency of the duct system. The good news is heater cores are better in quality today than they were years ago. However, replacing one that is plugged or leaking is the most difficult as it has ever been! In almost all cases dash removal is required. This is not a job for the faint of heart. Nor is is a job for the inexperienced. We have had countless dashboards out for many different reasons. We are comfortable doing these type of jobs and of course guarantee all of our work.