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Electrial Repair

Electrical repair is unfortunately becoming the norm. More electrical components, and systems mean more failures. Our climate in western New York presents many challenges for our vehicles electrical system. The salt is an electrical systems worst enemy. Corrosion of terminals, ground points, and even computers is common. There are miles of wiring in a vehicle today. A lot if it is very small in diameter. All of these extra electrical amenities present a lot of wiring challenges for manufacturers to route these massive wire harnesses correctly. Often they fail, and wires chaff and rub on things they should not. There is a certain art to finding and repairing broken and corroded wiring. But it also takes time, patience, and a complete understanding on how 12V electrical systems work. The basics are hugely important here. If you do not know the basics of 12V DC, then the chances of repairing a failed system is near impossible. Knowing how to read and comprehend a wire schematic are a must. Understanding how to properly use a multi meter, graphing meter,current probe, and scope are mandatory in electrical repair.

If you feel as though your mechanic lacks any of those necessities, give us a call. If you have a question about wiring or an electrical system, give us a call, we will have an answer. Many repair shops choose not to do this type of work. Either they are uncomfortable because it is simply above their head, or they just don't want to spend the time it takes to accurately diagnose and repair. Electrical work is not considered the "gravy work" in the automotive community. But,the truth is, all of the mechanical systems of yesteryear are slowly drying up one at a time and being replaced by an electrical system. Knowing how to repair electrical systems is going to be a must!

There is a little more to electronics then just knowing what is wrong. Knowing how to repair a broken or corroded wire is just as important and the second major step in a successful repair. The connection, routing, and protection or a repair is crucial to longevity. A whole host of connectors are available, but most are not worthy of using. For instance, a butt connector outside of a vehicle on an airbag circuit is a no no. The first choice of any electrical repair is to solder the joint, and protect with a high quality heat shrink.

We spend the time needed to repair you car. We don't cut corners, or compromise the repair to save money. We are here for complete automotive service, including electrical systems and components. We understand how they work, and we know how to repair them CORRECTLY!